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Fake Clinic Network Repackaging the Same Old Lies in Deceptive New Website

By Shireen Shakouri
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Say you have a disgraced business selling a product no one wants, but you’re awash with cash from deep-pocket funders and government-subsidized programs? [1-3] Sounds like it’s time to revive your image with some rebranding!

The M.O. of anti-abortion fake clinics is to mislead and shame people considering abortion, often employing grotesque scare tactics and outright lies about the supposed risks of the procedure itself and purported after-effects of abortion on the body. These lies have been roundly discredited time and again, in countless academic studies and in other media, but fake clinics are still trotting out falsehoods to sell a product no one wants: lies and stigma. [4]

Heartbeat International, one of the largest fake clinic networks in the country that claims to operate 2,600 centers internationally, recently launched a website: to “bust pro-abortion myths.” [5] The problem is, they’re doubling down on the lies they’ve been exposed for pushing in the past, [6] claiming it’s a show of “hope,” “compassion,” and “truth.” Wouldn’t it just be easier for them to accept that the truth is, in fact, in favor of abortion rights and access?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the lies they’re trying to pass as verified facts:

  • LIE: Abortion causes breast cancer. The official statement of the American Cancer Society on the topic states that, “At this time, the scientific evidence does not support the notion that abortion of any kind raises the risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer.” [7]

  • LIE: Abortion causes suicide, drug use, and depression. The American Psychological Association convened a task force to study the mental health outcomes of women who had abortions, which determined that there was, “No evidence sufficient to support the claim that an observed association between abortion history and mental health was caused by the abortion per se, as opposed to other factors.” [8]

  • LIE: Abortion causes pre-term birth in future pregnancies. Multiple studies have found that there is no correlation between modern surgical abortion procedures and pre-term birth, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, or miscarriage. [9-10]

  • LIE: Abortion causes maternal mortality. Abortion is not only a remarkably safe procedure, according to numerous studies, [11] but states that have increased abortion restrictions have worse maternal health outcomes. [12]

For a broader and more comprehensive look at the research about the safety and minimal risks involved in abortion, you can check out, which details the recent National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report concluding that abortion is safe in all forms.

Heartbeat International also claims to have sourcing for their lies, but let’s dissect that a bit: Their main resource appears to be studies conducted or supported by AAPLOG, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Heartbeat International and AAPLOG doctors are some of the same folks behind the abortion pill “reversal” myth. I don’t have the time to get into that malarkey here, but I recommend checking out our webinar, article in Truthout, and blog series on the topic. The long and short of it is that these groups are no strangers to pushing unsupported bunk as if it were real science.

It says a lot that the anti-abortion camp has to establish its own research institutions to pretend its lies are science. Why not listen to the unbiased experts instead of a bloated industry of zealots and propagandists trying to tell us that pregnant people can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies?


Do You Pay for Bullshit?

Do You Pay for Bullshit?

(Fake Clinics) like to get easy money when they can by misrepresenting themselves to potential business donors. Enter the Texas Handmaids. Exposing fake clinics is one of our prime directives as an organization and we’ve come up with a successful method to sideline some of their revenue -- protest their business donors.

Pink Angels & Fake Clinics in Chicagoland

We'd like to introduce Coalition Member Group Friends Who March!


Friends Who March is an Activist group from Chicagoland founded after the Women’s March by Jax West. Their primary purpose? #GetActiveAndTakeAction!   FWM take to the streets to support Choice, Immigrants, Criminal Justice Reform, Wrongfully Accused, LGBT rights because everyone should be free to live as they wish.

While clinic escorting during 40 Days for Life, Jax made a gigantic pair of pink angel wings to block the signs of 40 Days for Life harassers from clients...and a new subgroup, the “Pink Angels,” was born.

The Pink Angels have done a variety of actions to stand for Choice.  They have worked as Escorts at various clinics. Stood in silence as Handmaids. Silently stood at a train station for a Pink Chill in support of Planned Parenthood.  Chalked sidewalk messages at night in front of clinics, in anticipation of morning protesters. They also call and review fake clinics.


The Pink Angels have a BIG BAD in their midst. State Representative Peter Breen aka Rep. Baby Parts, represents FWM’s district. Rep. Peter Breen is with the Thomas Moore Society & is THE lawyer for the lyin’ anti’s who made the fake Planned Parenthood Baby Parts videos. Breen is with Knights of Columbus, funders of a local deceptive fake clinic that opened up next door to a real provider. The Pink Angels would love your involvement in an October Action at the fake clinic.

Recently Friends Who March went north to meet up with Lady Parts Justice League to take part in their fake clinic action in Milwaukee. It was a blast! FWM are huge supporters of everything LPJL does. 


We invite folks to join us! It’s your body.  It’s your choice.  Fight for it.

Upcoming Events:

  • Fake Clinic Action in October/Early November: Email if you have an idea or would like to be involved in our SHEnanigans.


  • Join FWM at our Red Carpet Viewing Party of their 2018 Golden Probe Awards that will be on October 20th. October 20th Viewing Party of the Golden Probe Awards Friends Who March is going all out for this one.  There will even be a Fashion Police team there to talk to people as they enter the event and then discuss all the outfits at the after show.  

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