On Yelp, Facebook, or Google+, write an accurate, honest review of a fake clinic.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers do NOT provide abortions, nor do they provide non-judgmental options counseling (which, btw, all abortion providers do!). Yet, these fake clinics advertise using phrases like "abortion counseling" or "pregnancy resources" to try to trick people seeking information about the full range of reproductive health options into walking through their doors. Through Yelp, Facebook, Google+ and other review sites, you can combat this misinformation. Follow the three steps below and get reviewing!

Even better, grab a bottle of wine and get your feminist book club together to organize a fun
REVIEW-A-THON! Reviewing CPCs is way more fun when you're doing it together.

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Step #1: Choose a CPC

The map below lists all of the fake clinics around the country (that we know of!). Click through and find one that you'd like to review. If you're up to it, make two calls (or a whole bunch more!) —one to a CPC in your community & one in another state.

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Step #2: have a user experience: look at the fake clinic's website or give them a call

Reviews online are only useful if they are accurate, specific, and they speak to your personal experience as a consumer. Either take some time looking at the website of your CPC, or give them a call directly. Below are some recommendations for what to say on the phone as well as what to look out for on websites and through phone calls (adapted from research done by NARAL state affiliates).

If you call: Keep it short and to the point. Let the person who answers do most of the talking. Remember: You're calling to find out what services this CPC does and does not offer and how they present to the public. We are NOT here to pull some sketchy David Daleiden move — no recording calls, people! And you don't have to sound like a ciswoman to take action. You can call to inquire about services for a friend, sister, or yourself:

  • I'm (my sister is/friend is) pregnant, and I'm scared. 
  • I (my sister/friend/partner) want to get an abortion / need to get it taken care of. 
  • I think I'm (my sister/my friend/my partner is) pregnant, and I need help.
  • Can I (they) get a pregnancy test there? 
  • If I'm (they're) pregnant, can you help me (them)? Can I get an abortion here? Can you help me get an abortion? 
  • And what about birth control, can I (they) get that from you? Can you tell me where to get birth control?
  • Will I (they) get to meet with a doctor or nurse during the appointment? 
  • What will happen during the appointment? 
  • How much does the appointment cost? 
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Things to look out for on CPC websites + to listen for on phone calls: 

  • If they talk about abortion, do they describe the procedure? If so, how do they describe the abortion process (i.e. what terms did they use – fetus, baby, child, medical terms, names of instruments used, terminate, kill, etc.)?
  • Do they discuss any of the following when talking about abortion: breast cancer / medical complications / mental health problems / moral judgment or moral issues / religious or spiritual issues / future infertility / fetal pain / sexual dysfunction / other risks to fetus / post abortion stress syndrome / abortion as murder? 
  • Do they give referrals or resources for where to get abortion services? If yes, what resources did they give you? If no, what reason did they give for not referring?
  • Do they offer resources and help that would be available to you if you carried the pregnancy to term? If yes, what resources are offered (i.e. maternity/baby clothes, prenatal care, prenatal support, living support, etc.)?
  • Is there anything on the site or any specific comments made to you by the CPC staff on the phone that stick out in your mind? Were you surprised by anything that occurred? Any details, impressions, or feelings—positive or negative—that you'd like to share about your call/website experience?

Step 3: Write + Share your review!

Click through to upvote Molly's review!

Click through to upvote Molly's review!

Read This First: Before submitting reviews on Facebook or Google, make sure to review your Facebook and Google profiles to see what is visible to those outside of your network of friends. Check out this Stay Safe Online resource for more on protecting your data privacy!

YELP - A Yelp review works best if you're already a Yelp user. You don't yelp? Now's a great time to sign up! If you only write a Yelp review of one business, like a CPC, your review will not be public. So if you aren't up to writing reviews of at least a few businesses, use Facebook or Google+ instead.

FACEBOOK - On each CPC's FB page, there is a space for reviews. Write em!

GOOGLE+ - Like Yelp, Google+ works best if you have a Gmail account. Google+ reviews pop up when you do a Google search for a particular CPC. 

Remember: It's important to tell ONLY your personal experience. Reviews must be specific to your experience, honest, and legit, otherwise credibility flies out the door. We are exposing manipulation, not making it up out of thin air. If you call and they turn out to be a real provider, great! Write about it. The goal is to inform people about where they can go for accurate information and care. With honest reviews and information about services provided—or not provided!—people will be able to make decisions that are best for them.

Screenshot your reviews, and submit any you'd like to share at this form, and/or post to social with the hashtag #ExposeFakeClinics so we can keep spreading the truth!