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In Their Own Words

Intentionally Misleading Pregnant People

You don't have to take it from us, fake clinics are proud of their deception!

Check out this article about one of their training manuals. 

“Women seeking abortions, women that are pregnant, that are vulnerable, they are going into Google and they are typing ‘pregnancy symptoms.’ There’s a way in Google where you can basically set that search to your website... We want to look professional... business-like. And, yeah, we do kind of want to look medical. The best client you ever get is one that thinks they’re walking into an abortion clinic.”
— Abby Johnson, anti-choice activist at a fake clinic training.

Women of color are specifically targeted by fake clinics

From the National Women's Law Center report: "Care Net – which calls itself the 'largest network of pregnancy centers in North America' – developed an Urban Initiative “to reach under served and over-aborted people,” specifically women of color, that it claims are being targeted by abortion providers. How?

  • Opening new “pregnancy center ministries in underserved areas,”
  • Recruiting “champions for life in urban communities,”
  • “Creat[ing] powerful multimedia collateral to help reach abortion-vulnerable inner city people.”

The effort is now renamed the Underserved Outreach Initiative, which is “first seeking to serve the community with the highest abortion rate – African Americans,” and then plans to target Hispanic women. Care Net claims that “Everywhere [women in urban communities] turn, they receive the message that abortion is an equally positive option when choosing how to respond to a crisis pregnancy.”

“So many of you have taken the time to tell us how thrilled you are at these abortion clinics closing. And yes, this is one of the most amazing opportunities we’ve ever had to serve abortion minded women.”
— Shari Plunkett, Director of First Resort in a 2011 email to Walk for Life supporters

First Resort is a fake clinic that sued the city of San Francisco over transparent advertising requirements. First Resort has closed, and now Ms. Plunkett leads Restore Women's Wellness Center, a counseling center for low-income women.