Welcome to #ExposeFakeClinics

What are fake clinics?

Anti-choice extremists have been attacking abortion access in the U.S. since the procedure became legal in 1973. One tactic of theirs that most people have never heard of is FAKE "CLINICS." Yep, it’s a thing. In fact, there are close to 4,000 fake women's health centers all over the country vs. only 780 real abortion providers. Sometimes called pregnancy resource centers or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), fake clinics do NOT provide comprehensive reproductive health care—or much of any "health care" at all! Instead, they use phony ads to trick pregnant people into making an appointment, promising “free ultrasounds” or “pregnancy support.” Once inside, people are lied to, shamed, and pressured about their reproductive health decisions, often delaying their procedure or pushing them past the deadline for a legal abortion altogether. Fake clinics are often made to look like medical facilities, yet they don't practice medicine (outside of an occasional ultrasound or STI test), nor do they use medical facts or standardized ethics. More and more, these predatory places are funded by taxpayer dollars, impacting poor women and people of color the hardest

You can help end this deception. 

Let Amber & Jackie walk you through the mindblowing background of fake "clinics." You might need a glass of wine.