Why I Review Fake Clinics

This post written by Ceara Kornblum, a college student in Oregon.

I was lucky to be raised in a feminist household where my sexual decisions and body autonomy were respected. I firsthand know how powerful those can make a person. So when I learned of crisis pregnancy centers and their practices I had to do something.

Crisis pregnancy centers are the antithesis of healthcare and empowerment. I know this first hand because I go to these centers, inspired to review them for the #ExposeFakeClinics campaign. Every time, I am struck by how little they care about facts or one’s best well-being. The first center I went with immediately tried to convert me to Christianity, completely disrespecting my spirituality in the process, before telling me my phobia of pregnancy should not be a worry and that I mustn’t have an abortion. Another I went to told me that abortion would give me something resembling PTSD. I know that isn’t true because I actually live with PTSD. The told me a condom was 60% effective, and tried to shame me for having sex.

I visit clinics to tell the truth about them to people who are vulnerable and need real health care.

Hopefully, this will inspire more people to take up the task of doing this work. Only by showing the truth about these clinics can we inspire action against the emotional manipulation and health violations they regularly engage in.