CPCs on Wheels

John Oliver is COMING THROUGH lately! A few weeks ago on Last Week Tonight he dedicated an entire segment to exposing CPCs and their vindictive practices. You can check it out here. During the segment he showcased a promo video from “Save the Storks”, an organization that has put CPCs on wheels.

“Save the Storks” debuted their own version of a Mystery Machine at last years CPAC convention. They call it a “Stork Mobile Medical Unit,” but it’s just a fake women’s health center on wheels. Inside the custom-made-van they have ultrasounds and exam tables to perform fake health exams on pregnant women. They also boast that they have “a built-in space for an iPad, internet connection, soft lighting, a refrigerator, air conditioning, and plenty of storage space” (source). That’s right ladies, they have an iPad. How hip! They also have each bus named after a woman like “Kathy” or “Linda” or an inspirational word like “Compassion” or “Hope”. Picture below is Emily.

Here's Emily, one of more than thirty buses that Save the Storks currently operates.

Here's Emily, one of more than thirty buses that Save the Storks currently operates.

Where do they park these buses? Right in front of abortion clinics. Coercing women entering abortion to come and receive their “services”. They operate the same way that fake clinics do, offering bogus and medically inaccurate information.

They want to appear as “non-threatening” as possible, so they design the van wraps with images of millennials or dramatic landscapes. They also have a business called StorkWorks where they help fake clinics rebrand themselves and offer organizational and social media strategies to help lure young people in.

As if fake women’s health clinics could get any worse, they are now going mobile finding their way onto college campuses, fairs, and even high schools. All we have to say is, never enter a van with a stranger.

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