#ExposeFakeClinics Turned Out to SCOTUS to #EndTheLies!

Lady Parts Justice League's  Lizz Winstead  (in yellow slicker) led the rain-drenched, high energy rally in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Lady Parts Justice League's Lizz Winstead (in yellow slicker) led the rain-drenched, high energy rally in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Damn, y'all. #ExposeFakeClinics partners from all over the country SHOWED UP for reproductive rights on the steps of the Supreme Court and in our local communities this week. In DC on Tuesday, March 20th, through the miserable cold and rain, we were bigger, louder, and had WAY more fun than the antis that tried to drown us out as we rallied in support of the FACT Act being argued inside SCOTUS in the NIFLA vs. Becerra case. The case will be decided in June.

Some takeaways shared by our coalition partners: 

  • As usual, the Justices asked tough questions of both sides. There are always complicated arguments when it comes to the Constitution, but the FACT Act is a simple law based on simple principle: women deserve the truth. 
  • In the Court on Tuesday, it became crystal clear that deception is at the center of everything that fake women's health centers do. Justice Sotomayor, in particular, highlighted the extent of internet deception.
  • It's time to end the lies. We are confident that the Supreme Court will affirm that women deserve the truth. Women also need accurate information about their options right away, not the runaround. The FACT Act is a straightforward, constitutional law to ensure that women receive timely, accurate, and complete information about their full range of reproductive health options. 
  • Deceiving and manipulating pregnant women is not a free speech right, and we are confident the Court will reject the plaintiffs' effort to rewrite and weaponize the First Amendment.
  • THE BOTTOM LINE: While the anti-choice activists who staff these fake women's health centers are entitled to express their agenda, they should not be allowed to deceive women, lie about medical facts, and delay access to comprehensive reproductive or prenatal care. Pregnant women need accurate and timely information about their full range of options, not lies or the runaround.

Let's keep the fight going!

  • Check out the awesome #EndTheLies website for more info & resources about this case.
  • Keep spreading the word in your community and on social media that fake clinics LIE to pregnant people.
  • Do your local, state, and federal reps know about fake clinics and the harm they do? Do your elected officials support fake clinics, or are they doing anything to regulate them? Ask them! And tell THESE politicians to STOP FUNDING FAKE CLINICS: