As fake clinics head to the Supreme Court, let's be REAL clear: They lie to women.

By Lexi Kennard

With fake clinics heading to the SUPREME COURT this spring, the #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is doubling down on our commitment to shining a bright light on all the ways that fake women’s health centers deceive and harm women and pregnant people across the country. Two articles published this week outline the trickery and damage that CPCs generate.

This piece in Romper illustrates exactly how manipulative CPCs are and how they leave women abandoned after they follow their “advice” continue their pregnancy. The article is written by a woman named Cherisse who was lied to by a CPC and has spent her life struggling to care for her now 15-year-old son. She shares that “the CPC nurse convinced me that if I had an abortion, I wouldn’t be able to have children in the future  — a lie — and so I continued the pregnancy though I knew there was a strong possibility that I would have to raise that baby alone.” Cherisse went to the clinic get abortion care after seeing an ad, and was flat out lied to in a fake doctors office.

And that’s not all the harm they caused. “After manipulating me into continuing my pregnancy,” Cherisse shares, “they sent me home with a bottle, a onesie, and a rattle. To date, that is the last support of any kind I ever received from them.”

Cherisse’s experience is not unique. She wants people to know this: “My story is pretty much the template for how CPCs manipulate women: it’s an insult to our humanity, our God-given right to self-determination, and a threat to women’s health.

Fake clinics also made an appearance in the Hill with a great op-ed by the National Partnership for Women and Families. Sarah Lipton-Lubet nails down the four ways fake clinics directly harm women and undermine abortion access. The article demonstrates how women are lured into these clinics and the hypocrisy happens within them. She calls it exactly how it is: fake clinics deceive women, mislead women, shame women, and delay abortion care.

Stay tuned here for more news on fake clinics, SCOTUS, and ways YOU can take action this spring!