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#ExposeFakeClinics is a national campaign created to tell the truth about phony, anti-abortion "clinics." Driven by the Abortion Access Hackathon and Abortion Access Front (formerly known as Lady Parts Justice League), along with more than 50 partner organizations across the country, #EFC offers resources and a community from which anyone can spread the word about this dishonest "medical" care. When we collaborate, wonderful things happen!

#ExposeFakeClinics website is a resource hub, highlighting the history, legislation and deceptive practices of fake women's health centers (aka fake clinics). 

#ExposeFakeClinics connects you to the vast network of activists advocating for change in their community. 

#ExposeFakeClinics offers an easy and fun way to take action in your community. 

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Abortion Access Fund

Abortion Access Front (formerly Lady Parts Justice League)

Abortion Access Force (formerly Lady Parts Justice)

Abortion Access Hackathon 

Abortion Care Network



Advocates for Youth

All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center 

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Atlanta Women's Center

Austin NOW

Broward County NOW

California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

Center for Anti-Violence Education

Cherry Hill Women's Center

Choice Network Adoptions

Choices Campus Leadership

Daily Action

Delaware County Women's Center

Feminist Flag Corps

Feminist Women's Health Center

Friends Who March

Hartford GYN Center

Katha Pollitt

Mabel Wadsworth Center

NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL Pro-Choice California

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia

National Abortion Federation

National Clinic Access Project

National Council of Jewish Women New York

National Institute for Reproductive Health

National Network of Abortion Funds

National Organization for Women - Oakland/Macomb County Chapter

National Women's Law Center

Northland Family Planning

Philadelphia Women's Center

Physicians for Reproductive Health

Pittsburgh DSA Socialist Feminist Committee

Plan C

Pro Choice South Bend

Progress Florida


Repeal Hyde Art Project


Reproductive Health Access Project

Reproductive Rights Coalition



Training in Early Abortion Comprehensive Healthcare (TEACH)

Texas Handmaids


Whole Woman's Health

Whole Woman's Health Alliance



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