Report False Advertising

Civic Activism! Report fraud complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, the government agency that tracks bad business. It's easy to report - follow the steps below.

Your reports pressure larger institutions to fix this problem.


1. Visit the website of the fake clinic that you reviewed.

Does the website offer any services or make assertions that contradict what you actually experienced? Ex: The website says they offer non-judgmental counseling, but the person you spoke with encouraged you to not have an abortion.

Does the website have detailed abortion procedure information, meant to resemble a medical clinic's web page?

2. Take a Screenshot (that's just the prntsc button and "paste" in the Paint program on a PC or Shift-Command-4 on a mac) of their website documenting any services or assertions that contradict what you actually experienced.

If what they advertise (ex: abortion education) and what they offered (ex: anti-abortion education) are different, this is fraud.

3. Report this violation to the Federal Trade Commission. See instructions below!

Reporting to the federal trade commission

The FTC protects consumers from fraud, gathers data, and looks at trends. The more people who report, the more the FTC will take notice. You don't have to pay money to be a consumer.

When reporting, you'll answer a series of questions, then write a short description of your experience.

File your complaint under:

"Other Medical Products" and "Medical Treatment"

Fill in what you know. It's okay to not know the name of the person you spoke to.

Click right here to file your report.

***BONUS for NEW YORK CITY: Thanks to the work of fierce advocates in NYC, you can now file a Pregnancy Services Center Complaint for fake clinics that do not disclose that they're not a medical facility right on the city's website! It's super quick and easy.

***BONUS for CALIFORNIA:  File a complaint here!