California passed the first statewide regulation of fake women's health centers. It's being challenged at the Supreme Court on March 20. 

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It all started when…

CA passed the first of its kind legislation in 2015, the Reproductive FACT Act. The law is basic. It requires crisis pregnancy centers (also known as fake women's health centers) to post a notice stating that CA offers a full range of reproductive health services, including abortion, with the state's phone number. Centers refuse to post the notice. They have sued CA  and lost 4 times. The state has a right to ensure pregnant residents know the full range of services available to them.

CA has over 200 fake women's health centers!

Fake women's health centers use a variety of deceptive tactics to get people into their doors. Partnering with abortion clinic protesters to intimidate patients. or Falsely advertising on google and Intimidating doctors directly. 

Low-income communities are targeted by these centers, and unfairly bear the brunt of their deception. 

The Supreme Court will hear the case March 20, 2018.

Want more info about this case? Check out, led by NARAL and a coalition of dozens of doctors, patient advocates and patients

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